Poetry for Noncomformists

Strange folk 3

The pring and the molly

The glong and the kolly

Fring spilled a grum guff to a fell in the huff

And when the gool himpty

Set sail to ruft hiffey

Swell the ben muskible and dell mit the kruel

So beware the Glam subble its eye in a huggle

Twen arched yell san double as it sings in the sea

And never say grembolly wit needle a quill low

Or the beasty will bite, and it bites like a crow

So if ye see a small crock of them

Sclipped in a large crubble

Take to the hills

And hide in

The fubble


A Bear walks into an Isobar

With an allegory on a lead

And a doggerel following

Somewhere behind

And he says to the Barman

A pint of metaphors for me

And the doggerel

Will have

A nice cup of