Poetry for the great mechanical automata head

Mechanic Head 1

The great mechanical automata head

A scholarly scholar and many words it has read

And as a party piece will recite while eating bread

The complete works of Shakespeare backwards in Japanese

A task that would fill most with despair and dread

And it has a Cuckoo clock in the side of its head

Which wakes it up when it is asleep in its cosy bed

And if you pass the eye of needle through a Camel called Fred

Something the great mechanical automata head can do with ease

You will find in the morning that Fred the Camel is dead

So leap about and jump with joy

Because the great mechanical automata head

Is coming to get you, yes coming to get you is what I said

And it is programmed to humour, confuse and then destroy

You see it was made by a man long ago in old Japan

Who did not like Shakespeare or cheap marzipan?

And if you hear

The great mechanical automata head whispering

Eye of newt and leg of fox

It is best to quickly

Stick in back in its box

As it does come with a two year limited guarantee

Batteries not included

No cash refunds given.

Some deviations from the original words of Shakespeare may occur

But before use . . . Be Warned

The instruction manual you will need to refer