Poetry for uncharted fiords

Finnish Sea Captain

A Finnish sea captain and a girl from Indonesia

Ran away to sea and sailed to Kathmandu

The captain said it was quite tricky trip

And rather difficult trip for a sailing ship to do

Although most seafaring folk

Said the idea was quite peculiar and certainly very strange

But as they tied up in the harbour

They both smiled a smile or two

After all they had sailed many uncharted fiords

And though mountains that seemed to touch the sky

A route assumed impossible and a foolhardy thing to try

But their success meant they could finally marry

And the best man and bridesmaids had a little cry

And they honeymooned in a hot air balloon

Waving Kathmandu a foud Goodbye

So if you ever sail to Kathmandu

As you reach its strange mountainous Coast

Think of the Finnish sea captain and a girl from Indonesia

Raise a glass of rum and have a little toast.