Poetry for Slugs and Dragons

dragon 2 red.jpg


Slugs are slow and create a trail of slime
And can travel surprisingly far given time
Creating slimy trails upon your floor
On the carpet and on the door
And at night when you are asleep in bed
So you will find you wake up with a slimy head
And slimy feet and slimy hair
Which if you like slugs then you will not care
Slugs are friendly critters and tend to smile
Although some folk insist they are rather vile
But they really are happy beasts and like to sing
As they eat all your nice new plants in the Spring
However they live in fear of the scary toad
And will tell him the slugs are greener across the road
And when the toad starts to cross, to go and see
All the slugs will start to flee
In order to hide under your gardening hat
Hoping that on the road the toad
Goes Splat

So when did you last see a dragon
One that breaths fire and smoke
Was it at the market last Friday?
Being pursued by a superhero
Wearing a long flowing cloak
Or was it battling with a knight
With a sword and bright shiny armour
Or maybe it was snoring
In a dark Welsh cave
Which certainly sounds a lot calmer?
The thing is dragons are rare
Having been chased up and down
And here and there
With their reputation for eating folk
Which dragons insist
Is just a terrible joke
Entirely untrue
A rumour spread by knights
Back in the middle ages
Then spread by the writers of books
Troublesome cooks
And even a flock of mischievous rooks