Poetry for a Harry Potter Spell

Ah yes sorry about this but its an old poem from February so its sort of on the wrong night, but I think we can use a bit of poetic licence as this is a poem. . . . (sort of). I have written quite a few Harry Potter based poems so be afraid. . . .very afraid



Splinters from a crushed Ash Wand
Water from a stagnant pond
A feather from a Snowy Owl
And the fluids from an Otters Bowel
Fibres from a Witches Hat
Scales from the tail of a Water Rat
Voldemort’s breath and his angry stare
Echoes from a dragon’s lair
A flame from the famed Goblet of Fire
A harmonious note from Hogwarts Choir
The blink of a Bowtruckle
Hiding high in a tree
Some Puffskein fur from its Knee
A kelpies whisper in the highland Mist
A frog from a fairytale
That has never been kissed
And with some blood from Mr Harry Potter
Stir the caldron until it gets hotter
Stir and Stir and Stir and say
It is Harry Potter Book Night later Today
Then laugh hysterically
Into the Enchanted Wood
As all good Witches and Wizards know
They should

Then in the morning when all is done
It’s back to work
Which is no