Poetry for the Chicken and Egg Conundrum


What came first
The chicken or the egg
Or was it a platypus
With a wooden leg
Or maybe a huge dinosaur
Or a Roy Rogers
On his horse
Although it could have been an Alien
Who sort of got blown off course?
Or was it an Eagle
Sitting on its nest
Chewing on an Antelope
And knitting a string vest
Or it could have been a fish
Swimming in the sea
Then again on the other hand
It could have been a bee
Or it could have been something Large
Like an elephant or a whale
I think this question is a bit like
Hunting for the Holy Grail.
I mean it could have been the chicken
It could have been the egg
Or Long John Silver
Who emerged from his treasure Chest
Shouting . . . Shiver me timbers. . .HAR HAR HAR
As part of his pirate test
Or a small strange creature
No one has seen before
Which after hopping in a circle
Runs out of the kitchen door
Or maybe it was a tortoise
Which managed to beat the hare?
To a place that is not here
But might be over there
Or it might have been an ant
Using cunning, stealth and guile
Although now I come to think of it
I have not seen any ants
In a while
Or it might have been the ancient Greeks
Who were clever chaps you know
They invented the thermometer
And the garden hoe
Actually that is not entirely true
But they were very keen
On chickens and eggs
But which came first I wish I knew.