Poetry for a Vampire and a Mummy chasing a Zombie Cat

Zombie Penguin2

A Vampire and a Mummy
Chased a large black cute fluffy cat
They chased it up a lamp post
And past an Ex-London borough council flat
They chased it past the chip shop
And under a railway bridge
And into the recycling yard
Where it hid behind a fridge
They chased it into a cul-de-sac
Past a pound shop and a café
And into a posh restaurant
Where the cat knocked over a carafe
They chased it onto the artificial ski slope
Past a man singing songs and drinking Gin
And round and round a roundabout
Until they all got in a spin
They chased it into the cinema
Which was showing the movie
Catch 22
They chased it into a railway station
And then into the public Loo
But they soon all ran out again
Because there was a penguin
Doing things it should not do
Then they chased it past a statue
Of Queen Victoria holding a Stratoscope
Chasing the cat for hours and hours
Until they had almost given up all hope



But when they finally caught up with it
It seemed the cat just did not care
Because the cat was in fact
An android Zombie Cat
Which cut the Mummy clean in half


With its android Zombie Cat laser eye stare
Which as you might expect
The Vampire proclaimed was ever so slightly
Rotten and


And the cat smiled
And said it didn’t care


Typical cat

6 thoughts on “Poetry for a Vampire and a Mummy chasing a Zombie Cat

  1. Loving the new blog Mr Z. It might take a while to get the hang of WordPress, but it will be worth it I’m sure.
    Oh…and welcome to the DARKSIDE…

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    1. WordPress is certainly different to blogger. At present as far as I can tell the free option (I am a mean and poor chap) has more limitations in terms of layout than Blogger,there is a lot you can do with blogger. However I plan to keep this blog nice and simple and will not be messing about to much except to learn stuff as I go along. So if it all of a sudden it looks entirely different you will know I have gone wrong. I would suggest you see which site has the best images to pinch as I suspect you will get the best one from blogger as you can click onto the picture to get it full size.

      I quite like the way WordPress does its Stats they seem a little more realistic than Blogger, Anyway I do hope between the two blogs you find enough bits to do what you wish to do.

      Sort of . . . . You have read the blog now buy the T Shirt or Mug. . . .

      Poetry for a Mug (I am full of brilliant ideas, just not good at doing any of them)

      Poetry mugs
      Have pictures of slugs
      So folk can enjoy their tea
      It will make them
      Drink lots and lots
      As they play join up the dots
      Until they need to run off for a wee

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      1. I agree that when it comes to customizing templates, Blogger is far superior, unless you have money to spend which I don’t. But in terms of commenting and ‘liking’ a post, I prefer WordPress.
        Have been stealing, I mean pinning your pictures from Blogger though and so far, they make a lovely collection. Will let you know how well they do with Joe public.

        Buying Mr Z’s merchandise
        is like owning a piece of paradise.

        That should be your tag line.

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