Poetry for a Ballet Dancer in a Pink Tutu

ballet dancer and beast 3

Gerald was a journalist
Who thought he had super POWERS
And would hang about at stations
Trying to stop trains
For hours and hours and HOURS
And was often told by the police
This was a silly thing to DO
And he was often caught
In telephone boxes
Changing out of his formal suit
And into a rather fetching pink TUTU
You see
He could not wear his superman outfit
Because his fellow journalist
Bruce Kent said
In a formal letter from his solicitor
He would SUE
And it is hard to believe and keep faith
When you are trapped
On that speeding train
Hurtling along the railway TRACK
That the superhero in a Pink tutu
Will stop it and safely get you BACK
But he did once save a cat
Trapped high up in a TREE
And the picture in the local paper
Was an interesting one to SEE
Is it a Bird
Is it a Plane
No its
Tutu-Man . . . . .superhero sort of?


3 thoughts on “Poetry for a Ballet Dancer in a Pink Tutu

  1. Er…’Tutu Man’ doesn’t quite have that superhero feel to it. Besides, I think he has much deeper issues than being sued by Bruce Kent.


    1. You are right on both points Miss Lily, it takes a brave superhero to break the mould or is it mold of the stereotypical superhero in todays modern and much less enlightened world of superhero’s who it has been rumoured may be taking illegal substances to make themselves look more superhero like.

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      1. What he does have on his side though, is a Grand Battement and a pitch kick, which are pretty impressive ballet moves. I mean have you see the legs on those Prima Ballerinas? Get someone’s head in a leg lock and they can crush a windpipe as if it were made of porcelain. Hmm, maybe he would make a good Superhero after all…although pink really isn’t his colour. Maybe a powder blue, or blush red.

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