Poetry for why I should be World Leader

Ruler of the World 1


How small is the smallest, small is small

When compared with

The very, very big and tall

Like a large sailing ship

Or even the moon or the earth

Or a huge undefined indefinite article

When held against

The smallest sub atomic particle

And who decides what’s wrong

Or what is right

And where we can go

And what we can write

And nothing is, as we often know

As simple as plain Black and White

It is clearly (to me) all very odd

And I don’t think we can blame it

All on that chap . . . . . . . .

You know the one . . . God

Although which God is God is God

Can be a rather heated debate

Leading to war death and destruction

As state fights state

So who or what can resolve

All these issues for man

Well I suspect


It might be possible

That Poetry








Maybe Not

What we need is a jolly good world leader

I am available for a small fee

No refunds if you still carry on fighting.



4 thoughts on “Poetry for why I should be World Leader

    1. I do like a bit of eccentric in a quiet hiding from the masses sort of way. Which is not ideal if you plan to rule the world. Actually I may be a bit old to start that now, I might leave it for the Lil man I am sure he would do a better job of it.

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      1. I forbid the Lil Man from becoming the tyrannical ruler of a world in which we are all enslaved under a despotic rule, until he tidies up his sodding bedroom!

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