More Poetry for Fantastic Beasts (Dragons)

A bit More Poetry for Fantastic Beasts or in this case Dragons, because everyone likes a dragon or two


dragon 6 blue2

Before going to look for a dragon
Folk will often drink a double flagon
Of extra strong homebrew beer
And as they enter a dark gloomy cave
Feeling apprehensive but somewhat brave. . .
This as we know, being the traditional dragon’s lair.
They will often wave a large sword about
And then very loudly loudly shout
By all alas to no avail
Because quite frankly
The dragon
Will not
Care as it sits preening its scaly tail
Because as we know
Dragons are extremely rare
So are now a protected species
By law
So even as the dragon
Flicks out all the talons on its
Extremely large scary claw
It will remind you of this fact
Before it then attacks
And you end up
All sore red and raw
Scratched from head to foot
And to the core
And its all the fault
Of those knights of old
Who were unaware of
The implications
That would unfold
Of killing Dragons
On their quest
To do knightly
Bringing the life of
To an untimely

3 thoughts on “More Poetry for Fantastic Beasts (Dragons)

  1. Throughout the histories of time, Dragons have always gotten a bad rap. In some parts of the world, the albino dragons were seen as evil because of their red eyes, whilst in some countries, the citizens bemoaned the rapid rate at which they spawned, taking over whole countryside…nope…sorry…that’s rabbits. I was actually talking about rabbits there. Apologies, I’m always confusing the two.


    1. I entirely understand how that can happen Miss Lily without my glasses on I would do the same. It is early days yet on WordPress but so far you are my only commenter, Maybe it is something to do with poets.

      Maybe they are very busy and don’t have the rhyme to comment. . . . .HAHHAH AH hahah ahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …………….

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      1. Heehee, I see what you did there with that last sentence.

        It does take a while to get comments, but folks are reading, which is the first step. Newcomers are still pretty much scared to leave a comment on my blog, but I suspect that it’s because my regular readers are madder than I am and therefore frighten them away. Yes, I am passing the blame instead of taking responsibility for my actions. (it works for kids)

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