More Pirate Poetry

pirate eccentric 1

Everyone loves an eccentric wise Pirate
With his pirates swagger
As he sharpens his cutlass on a cuttlefish bone
And his parrot sings of the sea
In a raucous belligerent tone
The crew dancing on a dead man’s chest
Stolen in the dark of night
From its hidden place of rest . . .
Pieces of eight
Gold doubloons
And glinting silver coins
Slipping through the crews fingers
Mistrust brewing through their desire and greed
The eccentric pirate captain and the parrot
Watching and chewing caraway seed
Be gone me hearties
He shouts with his cutlass drawn
Greed will destroy ye all
Like a poison thorn
And with that he throws the chest
Into the sea and says
I be ye greatest Pirate Captain
There will ever be
Because while on my ship all the crew
Are treated equally
Now where be the rum.
And who
Is going to dive in to recover that chest
Tom the cabin boy ye say
Well give him a cannonball
To help him on his way





Whats that you say Skippy
Tom can’t swim


4 thoughts on “More Pirate Poetry

    1. Indeed Miss Lily and I don’t think the life of a pirate is ideal for someone who cant swim. But it does help the deep hidden meaning of the poetry. . . . . . OK I lie it may not have much in the way of deep meaning it is more shallow and pretend as in the song. . .

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      1. Apart from the part about greed and equality, nope, it has no hidden meaning whatsoever. 😉

        Love me a bit of Tiger Lillies. Apparently, the Crack Of Doom is coming soon…


  1. Ah yes but apart from the part about greed and equality and a healthy diet and the aqueducts plus the disadvantages of swimming with a cannonball what has poetry ever done for us . . . . . . . . . nothing.


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