Poetry for Extinct Beasts

lizard beast

Behold the Greater Spotted Paraphrase
Which moves in stealthy and beguiling ways
And it is said it is a beast that man can’t see
Because of its camouflage and complex geometry
And fantastic as this beast may be
It will spend its entire life in a single tree
Or so we think, but do not know
Because despite chopping down all the trees
We have not seen it
Which is a bitter blow
As it now appears the beast
Is probably extinct
And we might have seen it
If we had not blinked
Nature is like that


2 thoughts on “Poetry for Extinct Beasts

  1. Ooh, it’s the Considerably Dappled Rendering. See what I did there Mr Z? I paraphrased the paraphrase…er…well it made more sense in my head…


    1. My poetry always makes more sense in my head Miss Lily, but the world does not. OOOooooo what a lovely sunny day it is here, I will go and do things since it seems cyberspace grows quiet and weary of me.

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