Poetry not approved by the local ornithological society

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My New Grumpy Poet Selfie, taken yesterday when I was attempting to look like a slightly cool poet which is why I have my sunglasses on. I was attempting to smile but I failed as I always do in photographs, I think its a timing thing a bit like poetry. The plan is always to be happy and somehow it sort of goes wrong

I don’t think I have posted this yet?



It is nice to set fire to a seagull
Or a robin or a crow or a huge scary eagle
Although some will say this should not be done
But even they will concede it is rather fun
And if folk say it’s a terrible thing to do
Just point out they throw chickens on their barbecue
You see us humans are a hypocritical lot
And most other lifeforms
Think we have just lost the plot
But there is nothing worse than being by the sea
When seagulls pinch your fish and a chip or two maybe
And such an event is surely bound
To invoke a sense of revenge as something you desire
So it is perfectly natural to set the seagull on fire
OK burning a robin or crow
Might be considered petty arson
But the burning of Eagles is best left
For the local vicar or parson
With the fire brigade close at hand
And a confused and bewildered ornithological society
Who are slightly grumpy?
And just


4 thoughts on “Poetry not approved by the local ornithological society

  1. Ooh, very indie Mr Z and quite artistic in a pop art sort of way.
    It is strange how we beings will eat chicken and game birds, but will baulk at the thought of eating the aforementioned winged creatures.
    As a vegetarian, the only chicken in my dinners are made from Quorn, or as it was called back in the day before vegetarianism was invented, Textured Vegetable Protein, (TVP mince) and tasted rather of cardboard. So as a special treat, I would just eat cardboard instead. Tastes lovely with a side order of A4 paper.

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      1. I think you’re right, but I thwarted their plans by adding stock cubes, spices and seasonings to my dishes. So in your face TVP!

        That is such a cool website Mr Z. I actually just sat there like a moron and became transfixed as a sea of HELLOs floated across the screen. You really should do something with it.


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