Poetry for men who look at old Mechanical things

Jasper James 2 colour

The great mechanical Marvel
With its dual time elapsed
Escapement movement
Turns slowly on its axis
Gears spinning driving its
Built in helical spring
And with its divergence inverted organ pipes
It can be taught to loudly sing
It truly is a wonder
As grown men drool
Over its polished Brass pipes
And not just old men in rain coats
But even younger well suited types
And they will look and point
And nod in a knowing way
A way that women don’t understand
Even in the more enlightened times
Of the modern day man.
You see
The great mechanical Marvel
Is a product of the past
And modern ones are all plastic
And never ever last
As bits fall off
And the escape value sticks
And the all important
Trestle adjustment screw
Keeps moving
So you stick it in with glue
The great mechanical Marvel
Grow men looking at its polished Brass
Supping on an ice cold pint of beer
Will always reassure a chap
After being trapped in a large supermarket
With his wife
And a supermarket trolley
That will not



4 thoughts on “Poetry for men who look at old Mechanical things

  1. Dammit! I came, I saw, I forgot to leave a comment at 6 am this morning.
    Although I know nothing of which you write, for I am a woman and all things mechanical make me want to jab a stick through my ear and pull out my brain whenever someone tries to explain the mechanics of mechanical things to me, I did enjoy the use of mechanical words in describing the mechanics of mechanics.

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      1. I can fix almost anything Mr Z and I used to love me a bit of smouldering back in the days. Vehicles and washing machines, however, still elude me. I haven’t quite figured out the mechanics of those.


      2. Ooh, I forgot to say that I usually wake at 6 to get the Lil man’s uniform and breakfast ready for school. It’s now half term, but it seems that my body clock didn’t receive the memo.


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