Poetry for my Trip to Scotland


I have been away
But now I’m back
I have been
Exploring Scotland
With my haversack
I got to see a Polar Bear
A Seal, some Dolphins
And an Artic Hare
(Ok the Artic Hare was hiding)
At first I stayed near Inverness
Ten feet from the sea
Where I ran about on the beach each day
As that is the sort of chap
I tend to be
(Yes OK I say ran I mean stagger about)
I then headed off to Aberdeen
To visit family
And they cheered and clapped
And said many things
Like gosh it must be time for you to go
And we were going to phone
But then well you know
Life is so jolly busy
And you are after all a bit totally mad
But it is good to see you we are very glad
And my cousin Andrew said DAMN
You have discovered my new address
But I said it was just an educated guess
And then I headed home
But was made rather ill
By a Motorway service Death Sausage
Which was certainly
Not a thrill
But I am getting better by the hour
And I’m sure sometime soon
Some ice cream
I will devour


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