Poetry for a Cat Burglar

Pussy Cat Pussy Cat
Where have you been?
I’ve been shopping in London
To buy a new ring
Well OK . . . I mean steal
After All I’m a Cat Burglar
And Mrs Owl
Although an elegant foul
Does like a nice cruise
On Pea Green Boats
And some runcible spoons
And Vole Skin Coats
So I tend to shop
By the light of the moon
Shop by the light
Of the Moon
The Moon
Shop by the light of the Moon
So anyway I had got the Ring
And was starting to Sing
While climbing
A Big Bong-Tree
Hey I’m a cat burglar
But looking down
Was then a bit of a shock?
Because Mr Piggy-wig
Was down there
Looking up at Me
At Me
Was down there looking up at me
Which is why I guess
As I’m sure you already knew
I’m here
In this cell
Telling this story to you, to you
In this cell telling this story to you