Retired Artist, Poet and Writer who is a bit Grumpy and does not like it when it rains. This is a new site and so it might be a while until I have it sorted. So until then it might be better to run off and chase seagulls and eat ice cream.

Yes this WordPress blog is somewhat different to Blogger and I am rather used to their ways of doing stuff so I am trying to keep it all simple. I have started this site just as a place to post my little poems, and the drawing I have done to accompany them although sometimes the drawing comes first.  I am not a good poet and  I do not spend much time on the drawings as I am probably much better at making cardboard art than anything else, but that can take time.


I hope if you are visiting this blog you enjoy the poetry it can be a bit odd at times but I rather like that I am not into great agonizing love poems or out to make a profound statement this is poetry purely for fun only. . . . I’m sure that can not be a bad thing, what can be a bad thing is my terrible spelling and typing which I often miss (have you ever proof read your own work… not easy)