Poetry for the Snark

blue Tree 2


The Sckimple and the Scallywag
Climbed the Farthvart Hill
And threw stones
At little Philomena,
A worker at the mill
But a policeman shouted
Jubstert kor an Grast
Which made the pair
Run away
So very very fast
To lay low until the end of day
Which sadly would
Turn out to be
Their very


You See. . . .


The policeman searched
But did not find, their little hidey hole
As they hid beneath the Yarmalickle Bush
Until dark and they heard, the scuffering of a Mole
But it was a foolish thing for them to do
As there are beasts lurking
In the gloomy gloomy dark

And as they stood up
To go back home
They were then eaten
By a large mutant
Vampire (and slightly deranged)