Poetry for a Shakespearean Crab


crab and a fish2

A crab and a fish were dancing in the OCEAN
Oooooo that’s a bit odd thought a Whale
Who had stopped to watch the strange COMMOTION?
“Well” . . . said the Whale to a passing dolphin
“You don’t see much dancing
Down on the ocean floor these DAYS
And the last time I saw a crab pirouette
Was in one of those Shakespearean  PLAYS
I think it was . . . The Merry Waves of Winsor
Or maybe. . . Richard the Turbot
Or maybe it was. . . As you Pike it”
The crab then recited the famous line

AH alas poor jelly fish
I knew him WELL
But he is starting to decompose somewhat
And has a rather nasty SMELL

And as the audience clapped and cheered
And molluscs cleared their THROATS
The whole play was then ruined
By men passing in small rowing BOATS
Singing of Pirates
Drinking strong BEER
And telling of the sea monsters
That the sailors all FEAR

You see the crab went off in a HUFF
Saying Sailors are rubbish
And don’t like culture and STUFF.
And besides
The winds getting up
And the sea is quite rough
So I off under a large rock
I’ve had enough