Poerty for two beasts and a wizard

A flim flam

And a falafel

Where sitting on a post

The flim flam looking bemused

As it ate some thickly sliced hot toast

You appear to have lost something

The flim flam inquisitively said

I have . . .

 I have lost a beautiful Rudy said the falafel

And it’s very very red

The flim flam smiled

As it looked out upon the Sunny day

And said

Is that it glinting discreetly?

Down there among the hay

But as they watched

A wizard picked it up

And held it in his hand

He however noticed

The narrowing eyes of the flim flam

Looking directly at his face

I suggest you give that back to its owner

As not too would be a positive disgrace

But the wizard laughed and said . . . .  Or what

As wizards tend to do

But the flim flam ate him

And on the wizard the flim flam it did chew

Until there was nothing left but a very red Ruby

Which it happily returned to the falafel

Because that’s what flim flams do . . . . .


Poetry for Witches and a Garden Gnome


There are witches
In the woods they say
That run about Naked
Both night and day
But I’m not convinced
This is entirely true
As there are insects
That bite
And in the cold of winter
The witches would
Turn blue
Although in the summer
It might make more sense
But even then
The undergrowth can be Spiky
And very dense
But being witches I guess
They can always cast a spell
So even dancing naked
Can end sort of well
With just a few scratches
From their faithful cats
But I bet even then
On their heads
They keep their hats . . . (The Witches not the Cats)
But one thing I know
Is you would never catch me
Running naked in a wood
As folk would snigger
If they could
I am sensible and confine
Such activity
To the privacy of
My stately home
Where I can
Run about naked
With my mate
The Garden Gnome.

Poetry for a Witches Spell


Iron Bars
Steel Ingots
And the finger of
An insidious CHARMER
Wing of Insect
And an indigo THOUGHT
Rope taken from an old West Indian PORT
An insecure moment from a grandfather CLOCK
An interesting but small igneous ROCK
An ibis’s WING
And a rather obscure indelible THING
All stirred together with water
From a poisonous icy SPRING
Stirred very slowly
As impatience will FAIL
Slowly adding some
Rancid pale ALE
Some improper thoughts
And an impalas teeth, plus its TAIL.
And an artists impression
Of the large blue WHALE
An inch from a ruler
An injection of RUM
Some sticky illicit Green Bubble GUM
Then add the legs of a Bumble BEE
And the decomposing intestines
Of the lesser spotted human FLEA.
Then keep on stirring until the potion
Is steaming, bubbling and HOT
Then shout at the world
You are coming to get them
Whether they are ready

Poetry for Another Witch

Witch 1


Is that a Witch I see
Against a big bright cold full MOON
And does she and her black cat
Have thoughts of turning
A passing prince into a frog
Sometime very SOON
Does she dream of stirring potions
In a cauldron suspended
Above a hazel wood FIRE
Full of lizard scales
And swiftlet wings
And an ogres thoughts of DESIRE
And as I watch her on her broomstick
Flying to and FRO
Does she know that I am watching
Which means
Maybe it is time

AHAH AHahah a ha ha hah a ha hahah a ha ha hah ah ah ah ha ha ha ha ha ha