Poetry for a Fantastic Beast


Beware the great Ryeatolical
A beast that is quite diabolical
With slime oozing from its nose
And waxy substances between its toes
Its teeth black and its tongue bright green
It is the nastiest beast ever seen
So beware the great RyeatolicaL
As it sings of decomposing stuff
While eating rancid Hedgehog
With old bits of bitter soap
And mouldy bread that’s lost all hope
Beware its gaze, its small red eyes
And don’t believe its little lies
As it says it’s your best friend
Or you might meet an untimely end
So beware the great Ryeatolical
As it hides in the dark under your bed
Never go near it, if has not been fed
Its acrid breath makes it hard to breathe
And never turn your back on it
And try to leave
And never look it directly in the eye
Or for certain you are going to die
So beware the great Ryeatolical
Those clawing scaly distorted hands
And its rather strange armpit glands
And never ever read this poetry
If the great Ryeatolical
You don’t want to see
Because if you do
You will

It has crept up on you


HAH ahah ahha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha aha ha
Ha ha

…………………O Dear………………..