Poetry for a Ticking Clock

people 1

The ticking clock

Goes tick tock

Tick tock

Even when placed

Behind a rock

And placed inside

A smelly sock

You can be sure

That it still goes

Tick tock

Tick tock

Because it is

The great eternal

Ticking clock


Even Einstein

Tried and tried

To stop the tick tock

So he could slide

Through the fabric

Of time and space

But in the end

He had to face

The great eternal

Ticking clock

Of the




Poetry for Science sort of



Science it seems can be quite important
Particularly if you are an alien with a laser beam
Or Professor Bernard Quatermass
And his top notch scientific team
But slightly less so if you have a van
On Clacton beach and like to sell ice cream
(Like granddad)
All I know, which is not a lot
Is science can be jolly complex
And will mess with the thoughts
Inside your head
As someone explains time is just a paradox
And Black is really red.
And electrons are all just empty space
And the human mind
Will turn everything into a smiley face
And Polypropylene is a linear hydrocarbon polymer
Which once warmed up can change its shape
A bit like my
Auntie Grace
Who seldom has
Smiley face.
Even when she has been heated up.



Poetry for why I should be World Leader

Ruler of the World 1


How small is the smallest, small is small

When compared with

The very, very big and tall

Like a large sailing ship

Or even the moon or the earth

Or a huge undefined indefinite article

When held against

The smallest sub atomic particle

And who decides what’s wrong

Or what is right

And where we can go

And what we can write

And nothing is, as we often know

As simple as plain Black and White

It is clearly (to me) all very odd

And I don’t think we can blame it

All on that chap . . . . . . . .

You know the one . . . God

Although which God is God is God

Can be a rather heated debate

Leading to war death and destruction

As state fights state

So who or what can resolve

All these issues for man

Well I suspect


It might be possible

That Poetry








Maybe Not

What we need is a jolly good world leader

I am available for a small fee

No refunds if you still carry on fighting.